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ZsqlML: XML Markup Language for SQL



Have you ever needed to maintain and document your SQL database?
Have you coded errors in an SQL query?
Do you need to support multiple database vendors?
Are you tired of re-typing long table definitions?
Do you hand-code Java objects to map onto your database tables?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you need ZsqlML.

ZsqlML is defined as an XML DTD allowing you to specify a relational database structure using an XML object hierarchy.

This ZsqlML database definition can be transformed using XSLT transformations into SQL script that can then be used to initialize a newly created database. The current archives supports the PostgreSQL database, but additional databases can easily be supported.

The ZSQL project also provides an XSL-FO style-sheet to generate PDF documentation from the database definition file, thereby ensuring that the database structure is clearly and accurately documented.

Finally, using the provided Java proxy class generation stylesheet, a complete type-safe Java-based object model is generated to mirror your database structure for easy and safe integration with your existing Java applications.

As with all software tools, additional applications for a standardised database structural definition are always possible, and furthermore, we welcome all suggestions and contributions.


This software package is governed by the GNU Lesser General Public Licence.

You are free to use this software and also to contribute to its ongoing development. In all cases, you must retain the copyright and owner file headers, and ensure that credit for this work is correctly acknowledged.

Technical Stuff

ZsqlML has been tested using Apache XML technologies, including the following:

ZSQL Package Manifest:
READMEPackage documentation file
LICENCEPackage licence file
zsql.dtdXML Document Type Definition
zsql_setup(pgsql).xslZsqlML -> PostgresSQL Database Setup Script
zsql_reset(pgsql).xslZsqlML -> PostgresSQL Database Reset Script.
This script can be used in test environments to re-initialize the database
zsql_doc(pdf).xslZsqlML -> PDF
zsql_common.xslZsqlML Shared templates
zsql_sample.xmlSample ZsqlML database definition file


In the spirit of Open Source development, we welcome your comments and feedback on ZSQL.

The project source files, and other information, can be found at

Feel free to join either the users or developers mailing lists and send us your contributions and suggestions. All contributions will be acknowledged in the readme file

Moderator: Adrian Geissel (Zenark)

Some things to do:

Help and Support

In keeping with the tradition of OSS projects, please check in the FAQ before contacting the mailing lists


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The work invested in this project to-date has been sponsored by ZENARK, creators of ZDAM - Digital Asset Management.

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